8 de novembro – Word of the day

From Feng Shui Meditation Journal

Calligraphie Si-Fu Lang

Calligraphie Si-Fu Lang











Life- Force- Energy
The breath of life, or Chi, fills and flows through
All people, places, and things, bringing life and fullness.
Chi is the basis of all Creation
The armature upon which material order congeals.
Its power can be felt where the  primal forces of nature
Come together in intense and memorable relationships.
In such places, our hearts are opened,
Our spirits made full, and our lives reaffirmed.
This power of nature can be consciously called

Into focus, balance, and harmony in our places and lives.

               Calligraphie - Li

Calligraphie – Li










Intention, like genetics,
Directs and focuses energy to attain life’s purposes.
Clarity of intention comes from our deepest goals-
Leaving aside the things that interfere with or divert us
From what we truly seek in life.
All our surroundings reflect back to us
The intention gone into their making.
Rightness of intention brings life force energy
Into a place and into our lives.

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