15 de novembro: Word of the day

China Sea

China Sea









Abundance may mean having less, not more.
With less light, there is enough darkness
To discover the existence of the stars.
Fullness comes from connections that moves our hearts,
Raise our spirits, and give meaning to our lives-
Rarely from wealth, possessions, or excess.
Living lightly means less housekeeping of possessions,
Less demands on others and other life.
It frees us from distraction of things-
To seek abundance and fullness.
Enoughness is freedom.




Rightly made, places where  we live, work, and play
Bring healing and sustain health in our lives

The values they embody, the dreams they enable,
And the relationship they nurture
Are breath to our lives, and food for our souls.

Filled with love and song, honouring and celebration;
Transforming our sense of work, ritual, and health;
They become sources of true wealth.

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