Knowing your emotions – study #1, #2 e #3

Knowing your emotion – Video-conference from Mariana Thieriot-Loisel – Ph.D. UNICAMP | SP Brazil based on the book of Brian Lynch M.D. “Knowing Your Emotions” – Ed. Interest Books CHICAGO USA 2010.

“Dr. Brian Lynch clarifies and explains how we human beings might better understand ourselves with more patient acceptance of our basic emotions. I have found Dr. Lynch’s approach helpful personally, and have shared his insights with others who also find his ideas helpful. Dr. Lynch is most proficient in the art of communication that conveys a compassionate understanding of how we might go about having more positive than negative affective (emotional) experiences-an imbalance we all seek! His original and crisp methods of presentation also provide a delightful medium to learn about the many practical insights he shares with readers about what it means to be a more (rather than less) positively affective human being.” by Jim Duffy, Ph.D. (Psychologist).




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